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Alert security staff at Central foil gold shop robber - he needed money for the rent


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Picture: Daily News


Muang Chiang Rai police had little to do when they received a call about a robbery from the Yaowarat Krung Thep gold shop in Central Plaza, Chiang Rai in northern Thailand yesterday.


The store's security staff had Jesadakorn, 28, from Phrae already in custody.


He had run off with two ten baht weight gold chains that were recovered, reported Daily News.


Together these would be worth more than half a million baht, notes ASEAN NOW. 


Security staff said they had been observing another gold shop when they noticed the man behaving suspiciously so they kept a close eye on him. 


When he stole the jewelry they were ready to pounce. 


The robber said he'd lost his job and faced eviction from his landlord after rental arrears built up for many months.


Staff at the first shop he went to were reluctant to serve him so he tried at the second. As soon as they showed him the jewelry he grabbed it and ran off but was quickly tackled by security.


He was charged with snatch theft and detained. 


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