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Covid laws within Thailand

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The problem you face unfortunately as happens with most things in this country, is that whatever National provisions apply it can vary from even local area to local area.

Where I live people returning from Bangkok have been required by local “ officials” to quarantine for ten days, although it is questionable as to whether they had the legal right to enforce such provisions.

I would suggest that if it is possible you check with the places you are required to visit.

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10 hours ago, Kedwards said:

...if anybody could direct me to a site which would outline the covid restrictions within Thailand such as curfews etc? I am looking to travel in november:)

Thing change rapidly and are different from province to province, what might be it in November, might be different from how it is now, both for entering as a tourist, and for domestic travels.


There are two good English language Facebook profiles to follow for best updates...


1) Richard Barrow in Thailand, which you can find HERE on Facebook, and HERE as homepage.

2) PR Thai Government which is an official government site in English language, follow it on Facebook HERE, and visit as homepage HERE.


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