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Extending Expired Children's Visas on Father's Remaining Retirement Visa

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Quick Question: My family and I are on a retirement visa which expires in February 2022. The visas my (minor) kids received on this visa, however, were only valid through the third week of October 2021 (next week)--the date their passports expired. I have renewed their passports in BKK already and had all of their visa information from their old passports transferred to their new passports already as well. Yet, my local immigration office only transferred the old visa expiration date--still due next week. 


What documents do I need to take down to the IO to get my kids' visas extended on my retirement visa until February 2022? Also, will my kids and my wife have to accompany me to the IO to do this?  Thanks.  

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You will need their birth certificates for them to apply for a extension of stay (it is not a visa)for being a member of your family that will end when your permit to stay ends in February.

You will need copies of their passport photo pages, visa, current permit to stay stamp, arrival stamp and TM6 departure cards. Copies of your passport photo page, visa, permit to stay stamp, arrival stamp and TM6 departure card.

You wife will not need to be with you unless she getting a extension as well. Dependent upon the office you apply at and their age your children may need to be with you.

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Thanks, Ubon Joe.

I decided to swing by the IO this afternoon to ask them briefly myself, just in case they have some local peculiarities that might have changed since the last time I did this 5 years ago. They also want pictures of our family both outside and inside our house. When I did this 5 years ago the IO sent an officer out here to take pics of us here at the house; last year they let us take our own pics and didn't send anyone here. I simply cannot understand why we need to continue submitting the same ole' pics, maps, etc. just because a  passport has expired, when the 90-day reporting is current (issued acknowledged and accepted by the IO) and they already have all of this info on file!?!  Are people doing this sometimes requested to take a copy of their rental agreement and house owner's registration with them for this also? 

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