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US Expats’ Pension Analysis. A free comparison and appraisal of your pension charges and benefits


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US Citizens living in Asia are invited to a free review and appraisal of the current charges and benefits of their existing 401K or IRA.  


Schemes vary widely in charges, investment opportunities and options for beneficiaries. 


Lower charges will increase your pension income, as will better investment opportunities.


These are the important aspects that you need to ascertain :

Are you paying more in charges that you need ? 

Do you have good investment choices ? 

Can you nominate more than one beneficiary ?

Would you like to qualify for US tax concessions ?


Are you aware that an offshore pension scheme can enable you to avoid US tax on pension growth.


For answers to all of these and potentially other benefits, contact us for a free analysis, with no commitment.


Chris Hopkins

Ernest Maude International Ltd.

Property, Mortgages and Investment Services

206, 2nd Floor, Tesbury Centre, Queens Road East, Admiralty, Hong Kong.

Tel:   WhatsApp +852 9490 5390:  Skype chrishopkins40

Email: [email protected] 

Enquiries welcomed from expats living in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia and elsewhere. 


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