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Flood threat to the capital remains but will lessen after this week


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By Cod Satrusayang


Thailand’s Meteorological Department said on Monday that the immediate threat of flooding in Bangkok still remains with medium to heavy showers predicted for later this week.


However, according to a spokesman at the department, if the capital did not see significant flooding this week, Bangkok was likely safe barring the development of another tropical storm.


“Rainfall is due to subside towards the end of the month so this week is the last major threat to Bangkok and the surrounding areas,” Suthipat Jira, a department spokesman, told Thai Enquirer by phone.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/34022/flood-threat-to-the-capital-remains-but-will-lessen-after-this-week/


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My wife s friend who lives a few Km s west of Swampy airport says that she has had

some unwelcomed and uninvited flooding in part of her yard recently.  There sure is a lot of

flat land in the Bangkok City area. Too bad that some of those large khlongs have been filled in and covered over.

  I guess that was the forward thinking of the Bangkok engineers, and government.


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