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Test required on flight to UK?


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Hello. I have contrasting opinions on the requirement for Covid-19 tests on flights from BKK to Heathrow.


My travel agency says no, not required.

THAI Airway says yes, they are required.

The UK government says no, not required.


Is there anyone who can kindly shed some light? 

Are Covid tests required before flying Bangkok-London?

If so, what kind of test is needed?


Many thanks!


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no, but each airline has different policies.

Looks like TG does require pcr. They are always on a conservative side, so the red tape - and possible chance to maximise their profits.

Try some other airlines. Somebody mentioned a few days ago Qatar doesn't need one.

Some 2 weeks ago some traveller on KLM was refused boarding at BKK, even on their website they state otherwise.

Personally I would always do pcr before any international flight. Just to be sure I am negative and won't have problem during journey and at destination.

You can get  pcr from 2300b, same day results, 10-12h.


As to TG - my favourite airline pre-covid. I won't fly with them anymore. They don't have many flights and bumping from one flight can well mean one week delay Also they don't offer flexible tickets due to covid, as some other airlines. 

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Emirates have posted on their site that as long as you fulfil the requirements of the country you are flying to then they do not need any extra tests.


I understand that as being if you are flying to the UK:

1.    Have to have received one of the 4 acceptable vaccines

2.   Have to have had 14 days from 2nd  vaccine to date of travel

3.   Have to have documentary proof (in English) of receipt of the vaccine.

4.   Passenger location form.....address of where you are planning to stay


I welcome any corrections or additions to that as I'm planning a return at the beginning of November.



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59 minutes ago, kwonitoy said:

Yes. As I noted the UK government doesn't require the test.


However, some airlines do. And that's where the confusion is.


Think best to take the test and get the paperwork.

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I'm flying out tomorrow to Canada and Air Canada references and sends links for the government requirements.

Canada has an app called ArrivCan that has to be filled out 3 days prior to flying with vaccination records, traveller details, quarantine plan if needed. etc.


Two PCR tests for 9000 baht and a 14 hour turnaround time. Makes hitting the 72 hour window tight. Swab Monday morning, result Tuesday, fly to Bangkok Tuesday evening and leave for Canada wed morning. Only thing in my favor is the international date line.

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16 hours ago, JRG23 said:

And does anyone know if this vaccine passport is actually necessary? Can you fly without the passport and use the certificate instead?

In my case for Canada the vaccine passport isn't mentioned.

I have to upload digital proof of my shots. Date vaccinated, type of shot, time and place.

The MorChana digital proof is adequate, and I have the printout from the vaccine site.

Once I get back to Canada I will never fly again.

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