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Building Fence Around Bungalow


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I want to enclose the area immediately around my bungalow with a combination wall and fence.


A rectangle 100' x 60'.


Block on the lower section, and a painted cement board fence running horizontally on top of it. 


Lower section about 3-4 feet, upper section up to about 5 feet high. Block will sit on a small, poured footer, with rebar anchors..


I could do it myself but have too many other projects. I live rural, but should be able to find someone halfway qualified that with a bit of supervision, who can perform.


About how much should I expect to pay someone for such a project? Better to go by the day than the project? Has covid changed pricing?



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I wouldnt bother with block or  paint, they go  moldy quickly, just get concrete gravel  boards and stack them to the required  height, fast and  simple, with  slotted  premade conc  posts you can just use floor planks also, price  dunno , even with these  I  have to jet wash them every 3  years  or soPrecast Concrete Wall - DIY housing forum - ASEAN NOW - News, Travel & Forum

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We had a 60cm or so block wall topped by 2m chain-link panels, posts about 2m spacing done about 1 year ago.  The labor was B300/m.  Wife did the painting (primer + 2 coats) and everything still looking good.  Our front wall was also block with iron work on top.  That was 10 years ago and the paint still looks good.  No mold.


Photo before paint:


New fence (2).JPG

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