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Flashing the software to the iPhone 4 S A1387


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When I got an Iphone 4 S A1387 from a friend, it could not be used and it was necessary to activate WiFi via the Internet, but it could not be because the servers from the manufacturer were closed and it was also impossible to use Itunes and I was trying with various programs to flash again software for this phone and I downloaded IPhone4,1_9.3.6_13G37_Restore.ipsw from ipsw.me/download/iPhone4,1/13G37 and the 3uTools program but with 85% of the software flashing to the phone some error popped up and I also tried FoneLab iOS Unlocker and it was same.


21: 33: 52.087: ERROR: device didn't accept BasebandData
21: 33: 52.140: ERROR: Unable to successfully restore device
21: 34: 12.648: Failed to restore device (-1)
21: 34: 12.657: ERROR: Unable to restore iDevice (-1).

I also tried to flash soft with older versions of the 3uTools program and it was the same


Serial Number: DX7LT3VQFML6
ECID: 000002D93A0DDD0B

Only these versions can be tried to flash but it is the same




older versions written in red letters cannot be flashed because at 9% there is the inscription Unable to Request SHSH

Now, until the software is loaded, the phone can only be in DFU or Recovery mode and is unusable.

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It is most likely that you will only be able to restore this phone in 2 possible ways (that is assuming that it is not AppleID locked as if AppleID locked or stolen you will never ever get it working) 

1) using iTunes, probably OK Mac or Windows 

2) taking it to the apple store.


NOTE if, as seems possible, it is in fact AppleID locked/reported stolen nothing you can do will work. The reason I think it may be locked is that I’ve never known the verification servers to be down for any significant period of time.

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