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iPhone 13 & (Transfer) Wise app


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I just updated to an iPhone 13 pro running iOS 15.0.2 and WISE v.7.31.

I can find no option to use Face ID to login to my WISE app.

Where it used to say “Log in with Face ID”, it now says “Sign in with Apple”.

If I choose “Sign in with Apple” it just creates a new blank account.

The only way I can log in to my current WISE app account is by physically typing in my email and password every time.

Not ideal.

Any one else run into this issue?

Ps; my old iPhone 11 with WISE v.7.30 still has the option to use face ID.

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20 hours ago, SooKee said:

Open Wise, select 'Account' at bottom of screen, tap the 3 dots top right 'Settings' 'Unlock with Face ID' is there.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, when I would go into the settings there was no option to ‘Use Face ID to log in’. That was the problem.

With the help of Wise customer service, we finally realized that the first option listed in settings (where the Face ID option should be) was a setting called ‘Social disconnect’. When I clicked on that, ‘Google’ was listed as an option. I clicked on the ‘Google’ and disconnected it. Once ‘Google’ was disconnected, the ‘Social disconnect’ option was replaced with the ‘Use Face ID to log in’ option, and the 'Sign in with Apple' on the front of the app was replaced with 'Login with Face ID.'

Odd that, as I typically used either Face ID or email and password to login. I don’t use ‘Google’ to login.

Anyway, it’s working fine now.

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Glad it's sorted.  It's the ability for Google to get its tentacles in to everything that I never use Google to sign in to anything (or Facebook).  Despite that Google still seems to find ways to become a nuisance; currently in the process of disentangling myself from everything Google and deleting everything everywhere I can think of (and yes Google I MEAN delete, not Archive!).

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