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Indonesia Covid-19 Update: 464 Recoveries, 400 New Cases

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As of Thursday, November 18, the Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force had recorded 400 new cases of infection in the previous 24 hours.
Indonesia has had a total of 4,252,345 Covid-19 infections to date.

According to data from the Health Ministry as of midday today, today's cases were discovered after examining 270,228 specimens.

With 100 infections today, Jakarta has the most instances by province.
East Nusa Tenggara came in second with 59 persons, followed by West Java with 56, Yogyakarta with 31, Central Java with 25, and East Java with 21.


464 additional recoveries were also announced by authorities.
The total number of Covid-19 survivors in Indonesia now stands at 4,100,321 persons.

Jakarta, with 136 recoveries, was also the province with the most, followed by Central Java with 66 and West Java with 61.

Covid-19 claimed the lives of 11 additional persons in Indonesia.
In Indonesia, 143.709 persons have died as a result of the disease.


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