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Authenticator Android to iPhone


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Hi Everyone.


Does anyone know how to transfer Microsoft Authenticator from my old Android phone to my new iPhone?


I can install the app, but it seems like there is no way to back up the Android account onto i-cloud and therefore I cannot upload it to the iPhone.


Does that make sense?


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your reply. I have tried that. The trouble is that the Android phone backs up to google drive, then the iPhone is looking for the file on i-cloud, and it seems no way to the join these two dots?

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5 hours ago, asiacurious said:

According to Microsoft, it can't be done

Humm, having Microsoft and technical competence in conjunction is an oxymoron.


They could be correct but it’s far more likely that they are avoiding having to support ways that have be demonstrated to work, but not designed by them to function.

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