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2021 Security Dialogue between Indonesia and the United States

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The following is a statement from Department of Defense spokesman John Supple:

The United States and the Indonesian government met at the Pentagon last week for the 19th annual Indonesia-US Security Dialogue (IUSSD).
Lindsey Ford, the US Department of Defense's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia, and Major General Rodon Pedrason, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense's Director General of Defense Strategy, headed the delegations.

The IUSSD is an annual gathering that reviews bilateral cooperation and allows participants to share their perspectives on regional and global security challenges.


The delegations reaffirmed the strategic alliance between the United States and Indonesia, as well as their shared desire to advance the Indo-security, Pacific's stability, and prosperity, and to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation.

Participants praised the rapid pace of high-level meetings between the two countries, such as President Biden's November 1 meeting with President Jokowi and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's November 20 meeting with Minister Prabowo Subianto.


The delegations agreed to move forward on a variety of initiatives aimed at strengthening the bilateral relationship and addressing new and emerging issues.
Expanding the size, scope, and jointness of bilateral exercises; improving collaboration on maritime domain awareness and other maritime capacity-building initiatives; strengthening bilateral cyber security cooperation; collaborating on human capital development and education; and addressing the security implications of climate change are among the initiatives.


DASD Ford and Major General Rodon reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the bilateral strategic cooperation based on shared interests and values at the end of the meeting. In 2022, Indonesia has agreed to host the 20th IUSSD in Jakarta.

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