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The reopening of clubs and KTVs has elicited diverse reactions.


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Before the likely reopening of KTVs and nightclubs after November 30, some are ready to start the celebration, while others are debating whether to open or stay closed.

Love Club's general manager informed Khmer Times yesterday that the club's owner is debating whether to reopen, close, or sell it to a new owner.


"Covid-19 has placed a lot of pressure on everyone," he continued, "and he's thinking whether this is a chance to develop a new way to conduct business."


"Opening the club in the midst of the pandemic poses significant risks, and even if the club remains open, we will be seeking for a corporate partner," he added.


Slanh Family KTV's owner announced yesterday that his business is insolvent after being closed for much too long, and that he has no plans to restart.


"It will be great to see KTVs reopening." But I don't have the funds to reopen mine," he explained.


"The circumstances have changed. "I don't want to attempt and succeed in this industry again," he continued, referring to a KTV as a site with a high risk of virus transmission.


Kim Chhay, owner of Beoung Meas restaurant and KTV, claimed the community outbreak on February 20 had wreaked havoc on his business and brought him dangerously near to bankruptcy.


He remarked, "Right now, we're waiting for the formal announcement to reopen our KTV."


Prime Minister Hun Sen asked KTV and disco owners to wait and be patient on Tuesday, saying the government will make an announcement on November 30.


In response to the new normal trajectory, the Tourism Ministry has established new Standard Operational Procedures that include a variety of operating criteria.


According to the ministry, the reopening of bars, discos, and entertainment companies would help to create jobs, support the tourism sector, and the national economy in the new normal.


Meanwhile, Top Sopheak, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism, told the Khmer Times yesterday that each site of these types of entertainment enterprises would have to be assessed to determine how many visitors they could allow while still safeguarding themselves and their clients from Covid-19.


"These kinds of enterprises carry a lot of risk," he added, "therefore we need to have very tight protocols in place to prevent any possible virus spread."


Credit Source: Khmer Times


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5 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

What is a KTV?

Its a Karaoke bar with hostesses.... Possibly not your kind of place....   there is talking with opposite sex involved rather than getting straight down to the nitty-gritty !!!!...   💩🥄    🤭








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