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What is required to enter Thailand by the end of Jan. 2022?

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To apply for Thai visa  with the following condition:

Visa type: Non-O, father of 3 Thai kids n Thai wife, 

Fully vaccinated with Vax passport, start the validation on December 2021,

fly from Morocco, or Turkey around the end of Jan. (this month)

what are the new updates aroud the visa this time guys?

Does that previous required booking hotel, insurance still in place or changed?

Please  share the link that sponsored by Thai Govt. if any requirements there to check and apply,

if the situation not relaxed enough, shall wait for some more times in mid Feb.? any additional info will be appreciated,




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33 minutes ago, lexlam said:

To apply for Thai visa

I believe you can apply for the sandbox or 7 day hotel quarantine. No test and go currently.

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Have you applied for a Thailand Pass yet?

You can find info about the Thailand Pass needed for entry to the country on the site for it here. 


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22 minutes ago, lexlam said:

what does mean: SHA Extra+ hotel ??

(SHA) = this term stands for?

searched and found out,,, alright! let's get the travel plan postponed

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9 hours ago, lexlam said:

Brother ubonjoe, thanks for the reply as always you are the best helper indeed in most topics posted here, could you please share the link to check it out? Thanks a lot, appreciated


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