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Thai commandos arrest man who shot rival in head in Samui in 2010 - argument over a woman


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Picture: Thai Rath


Thai special commandos caught up with a murderer in Chumphon yesterday after he'd been on the run for a dozen years.


Niphon Chairat, 45, was arrested at his puncture repair shop in Sawi district. 


He was named in a January 2010 warrant for murder and weapons offences after an incident at The Peak pub in Bo Phut, Koh Samui.


He had argued with Charoensak Somjaimai, 36, after they both tried to chat up the same woman. 


Security guards intervened but the argument continued later outside when Niphon drew a gun and shot his rival three times in the head.


Next day he drove a boat out to sea and dumped the gun before fleeing Koh Samui for good.


He worked as an employee in many areas before his arrest reported Thai Rath.


The suspect admitted the crime and was taken back to Koh Samui from Chumphon, a southern Thai province. 


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On 1/18/2022 at 5:30 AM, silver sea said:



According to OP, it was murder, so the victim died.

Hm,...three bullets to the head usually cause this. !?!?

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