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Problem on the last step of the Thailand Pass.

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Applying for Thailand Pass. 
Solved all issues up to now.
Now, at the end of the line, a problem:

My AG Hotel Confirmation Letter stated:
"Included..." followed by a long list including 2 RT PCR tests, and the letter states in red capital letters "PAID".
I already uploaded that earlier in the application for the TP.


Do I need to add this again for the final Document request -

"Additional documents (if any)
Please attach your required proof of TWO pre-paid RT-PCR tests to be taken during Day 0-1 and Day 5-6 in Thailand..."
and it won't let me Browse to select the pdf file requested.

It does state "Additional documents (if any)..." so  perhaps that means it is noting that Proof of the 2 paid tests may have already been stated on the Hotel Confirmation.

I cannot Drag and Drop because I have access to Android only.


???  Am I OK leaving this last item blank?


I.e., Without uploading a document?

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2 hours ago, Namplik said:

Leave it blank. You have already a confirmation on that. 

You are correct!


About 2.5 hours ago, before you posted,  I decided to email it.

Got an email telling me I was approved about 30 minutes later.

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Are you applying for Test & Go?


I thought that the Thailand Pass had been temporarlity stopped along with the Test & Go until 1st Feb.


I need to book for myself, but have been waiting.

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19 hours ago, phetphet said:

Are you applying for Test & Go?


No, 10 day quarantine.

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