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Looking For Reputable Drinking Water Company


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Afternoon all,


Back in Bangkok, we used to buy 18.9L drinking water bottles from Sprinkle.



We just moved here to Hua Hin and am looking for a similar reputable and safe drinking water company that can deliver to my home as well. ( Sprinkle / Nestle doesnt cover Hua Hin, i've asked )


While others have suggested, we can't/won't do the following:

  • Installing a water filter
  • Buying those cream coloured big water bottles from trucks
  • Buying smalll/big water bottles from the shops ( like Big C, 7-Eleven...etc )
  • Using those water kiosks you see around


Thank you in advance!

And please post constructive/useful posts only please...

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Iv'e got a Berkey water filter, stainless steel 8.5l tank. They are very highly rated if you browse the web. Filter lasts 10 years they come in different sizes, mine cost 14,500 baht and would recommend the stainless steel tap accessory. Worth a look I  couldn't be happier with it and extremely convenient. 


Big Berkey - 8,5 Liters – Berkey Waterfilters Asia (berkey-waterfilters.asia)


A youtube review, there's lots of them. 


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Big cream or sprinkle clear containers,,, same Co, same water, same process one for cooking & kitchen washing vegetables etc, the latter for looking good in a cool water dispenser,

We have both

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