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I speak “Nidnoi” Thai and I’m not proud of it


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How many of us came to Thailand with good intentions to learn the language? How many of us actually made good on those intentions?


In all fairness, it can be easy enough to get around Thailand without learning the language, especially in large cities like Bangkok. If you stick to touristy areas such as Sukhumvit and Silom, there isn’t much need for Thai to get what you need. That isn’t the point though, and deep down we know it.



You’re missing out on so much


We miss out on so much when we can’t say what we want to say, and we can’t understand all that is being said. You might find yourself complaining about the way things are here without fully understanding Thai culture. One large key to understanding the culture is actually learning the language. Things start to click once you can fully understand Thais when they explain why things are the way they are here. Not that it will ever make 100% sense to us as non-Thais, but it definitely helps give a much clearer point of view.


When people ask you how long you’ve been in Thailand, the follow up question is usually “Can you speak Thai?” For many people, the answer starts with an uncomfortable laugh, followed by “Nidnoi” or “Just a little bit.” After a while, the joke just gets sad and old. There really is no excuse to not learn the language at this point.




Learning Thai has never been easier. With all of the apps, programs and freelance teachers out there, it just takes that first step. With Zoe Thai, we’ve packaged everything together to make learning Thai easy and fun. We have:


●         Fantastic teachers in 1 on 1 online classes

●         Animated videos after each class for you to practice hearing your new vocabulary

●         Online quizzes after every class to test your knowledge

●         Recordings of each live class to help with your memory

●         Written feedback after every class


Get Started with Zoe Thai


All of this is included with 24/7 online support, and an online booking system which allows you to choose times that work for your schedule. It’s time to take the first step. Sign up for a free class to see how you like the system. If it’s something you like, go ahead with a package to get on track to learn the Thai language. The program and curriculum is designed to make learning Thai fun in a realistic setting. Learn the basics of taxi and restaurant Thai, or move ahead with higher level, more professional Thai.


Thailand opens up in many ways after that. Once you can understand what’s going on around you, life becomes more clear. You don’t have to rely on someone to get simple things done for you like banking or signing up for a subscription. You can learn more about the culture, have better relationships, and learn more about what is your temporary or permanent home, Thailand.


Sign up for your free class today at www.zoethai.com, or just add on on LINE for a friendly chat @zoethai


We are here to help, and have been teaching online since 2017. Reach out and Get Started with Zoe Thai.




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