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Advice marriage paperwork process


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Will need travel to Bangkok or Chang Mai for affidavit etc  for this Thai gf need not be present?

When finished is it possible to give paperwork to translation services and have the completed paperwork just mailed to me back in udon Thani? So I may get out of city asap! If so is it necessary to pay service up front or transfer $ after completing the paperwork from MFA / mailing etc!

Any advantage of Chang Mai over Bangkok?

I'm in udon Thani and don't have experience in neither place, this is why I prefer to just get to us embassy/ consulate and pay agent to complete paperwork! Also since it's a long trip for affidavit etc trying to avoid having my GF making an unnecessary long trip!

Also any advice on what to pay for agents services!

I've seen postings stating 3,000 THB and above!

Okay any advice appreciated 👍




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You will need to make appointment possibly at your embassy to get the affidavit.   I did and it took 3 weeks to be seen.  Yes, you'll  need to travel to Bangkok and your gf cant go in your embassy with you.  You will need to get the affidavit translated to Thai once your Embassy gives it tge notary seal..  There are people outside  the MFA who can translate  for you.  But this is the most important  thing you must do.  Make an appointment  with the MFA.... try to get it the same day as your Embassy  appointment.   If you do not go to MFA website  scan qr code and make an appointment  then you will have to pay the extortion prices of the so called agents that are outside the MFA.  They have queued up all the slots for three weeks out.  They will sale you this que that they got for free and you could get for free if you book it in advance.   If you do not and you just show up, there will be no one in the building  waiting, and there will be no one in line, but they wont see you if you dont have appointment.   So book it now or pay the extortion fees.

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