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90 Day Report Nonthaburi

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At most immigration offices you would only need your passport and a completed TM47 form.

Have you had a TM30 form submitted to that office?

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Someone that deals with your office will be along.

My first ever was at Mueang Thong Thani done when we had covid amnesty

I had the standard copies from passport.

Identity page, TM6, last entry stamp, previous visa. (Perhaps overkill but were taken)

Had a copy of lease but was not taken.

The io looked at my TM47 and asked if that's where I live.

I said yes and that was it.


I did not have a TM30 and was not asked for, however if you have receipt take it along. 

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No. Just used my yellow house book when doing covid extensions and before that I just had a multiple entry and so never had anything to do with them. When I got this marriage extension I was stung for not reporting every 90 days while doing  the covid extension.  Will this be an issue do you think?

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18 minutes ago, leeedwards said:

  Will this be an issue do you think?

Missing 90 day reports even multiple times is most likely a fine of 2k and has no further repercussions. 

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10 minutes ago, leeedwards said:

Thanks.  But what I meant was I've never filled in a TM30.

I'm the same.

10 years here and have never done a TM30.

First ever extension retirement CW accepted my lease and TM30 has never been required. 

My first ever 90 day report was done during amnesty and again no TM30 required at MTT.

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there is a photocopy service for 1 or 2 baht per page in case you need it. It is located outside the front of the building. I'm pretty sure you need a copy of the passport page that displays your ID but could be wrong.

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I took copies of passport ID page, extension, last visa, entry slip and 90 day slip. I was in and out in 5 minutes.  Thanks all for the advice. 

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