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Postal Money Order Verification

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After sending a Postal Money Order within Thailand, is it possible to go online or visit the Post Office to verify if the MO has been cashed or not? Thanks.

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The Postal MO is not common these days, but not unheard of either. In this case I had only two options available. Send a Postal MO, or travel to another city and deliver the money in person. No other means of money transfer is possible.

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At one time the British embassy would only accept Thai Post money orders in payment for many services, including the now defunct 'income letter'.


The Post Office receipt had a tracking number and you could indeed confirm that it had been delivered. The fact that we always got our letters was proof enough that they had been presented for payment.


( @ThaiSmarterThanYou take note!)


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1 minute ago, Moonlover said:

Sorry @ColeBOzbourne I forgot to reference you in my earlier post. I hope you find it useful.

Your information was very useful. The institution I'm dealing with takes Postal MO's or you can deposit in person. They do take online payments, but first I would have to travel there and allow them to make copies of my passport and bank book. Traveling there defeats my purpose, and I don't want them having my bank information. They accept no other forms of payment.


I'll at least check the tracking number to see if the MO was delivered. Thanks again.

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