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Thai Savings Account and 30 Days Stamp (Stay).

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My Extension of Stay (Retirement) will end soon. I may not want to renew it.
Because, I am from Malaysia and I can go in and out with a "30 Days" stamp.
In other words, I won't be staying more than 30 Days.
The question I would like to ask is this. I have Thai Bank Savings Accounts in Bangkok.
Will I be able to continue to withdraw or deposit with the "30 Days" Stamp (Stay).
Will the Thai Banks allow me to maintain my Savings Account with my "30 Days" (Stay).
Your kind advice is much appreciated.
Thanking you all in advance.

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You will be able to use your bank account with a 30 day visa exempt entry.

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The bank will not know that you leave the country every now and then. As long as their is activity in your bank account, they don't care.

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Yes. I did exactly that for almost 2 decades before retirement. No worries. 

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