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"Lucky I'd taken everyone home" - trucker severely injured as 18 wheeler and company bus collide


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Picture: Siam Rath


A driver taking employees of Minibea (Bang Pa-in) home on a bus said it was lucky he had just delivered everyone home.


Hossama, 50, was doing a U-turn on the Rangsit to Nakhon Nayok road at Klong 9 when his vehicle collided with an 18 wheel Hino truck and overturned. 


He was uninjured. Not so lucky was the driver of the truck, 43 year old Phisit, who suffered two broken legs. 


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He managed to crawl out of the wreckage and was helped to Thanyaburi Hospital by Ruam Katanyu rescue services after the accident at 8 pm last night.


Hossama was taken to the Thanyaburi police station for questioning. They will interview the trucker when he recovers, reported Siam Rath



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7 minutes ago, webfact said:

lucky he had just delivered everyone home.

It appears this guy might just have a slight sense of humor similar to that of westerners. 


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Posted (edited)

The problem with the u turn especially on roads with high speed is it requires human decision making on when to go or not….incredibly dangerous…


u turns cannot be facing each other…must  be eliminated and need to spend money to put smart signals so oncoming cars are stopped to let cars go and the then back to a green signal - sensor signals….


this is 2022 and thailand operates roads like it’s 1920…

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21 minutes ago, cardinalblue said:

this is 2022 and thailand operates roads like it’s 1920…

Not only roads....

I saw a photo today taken in 1920 in the UK of men measuring the length of female swimmers' costumes. Just like teachers in Thailand, 100 years later, controlling the length of girls' hair. The UK moved on. Thailand? Nah! If it worked 100 years ago then it's fine now.

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Rule #1 on U-Turns:

Be incredibly aware of what is happening in front of you while waiting for some clown doing 160k's to plough into your backend.

No winner here.

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