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Bangkok elections a harbinger of Prayut’s downfall?


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Chadchart Sittipunt’s landslide victory at last Sunday’s governor election — with more than 1.38 million votes or over 50 percent of all ballots cast — was viewed by many as Bangkok voters’ verdict on the current coalition government and its junta predecessor, which came to power in the 2014 military coup.


As a result, government coalition parties may find it tough to woo Bangkok voters at the next general election, expected no later than early next year.


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However, some analysts warn that it is too early to reach that conclusion, as not enough government supporters switched sides in Bangkok to impact the next national vote.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/bangkok-elections-a-harbinger-of-prayuts-downfall/



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34 minutes ago, Excel said:

And also to kill a snake you need to cut its head off first

Two heads are better than one, puppet master and the puppet.


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4 hours ago, klauskunkel said:

Imagine this:


"Prayut's Downfall" will make way for "The Rise of the Anutin"


should I laugh or should I cry?

it's a schizo world

Who is the best one of the Bad bunch?

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The dinosaurs are busy rewriting laws, planning yet another constitution and searching for solutions on how to sink this latest evidence of people's unhappiness. 

On vera - as the French say - meanwhile I wonder, why the PM can sit longer than 8 years on his throne with a constitutional limitation of eight years - a constitution he was instrumental in crafting. 

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....... or a harbinger of K. Chadchart's downfall?


I see defamation cases, bans from politics and jail time in his future.

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