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Child Tourist Visa on Thai E-Visa Portal? How To?

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Can anyone please tell me if I can apply for a Tourist e-visa (60 days) for my children using my own login/account on the Thai E-Visa portal?


I've already applied for & have received my own 60 day Tourist Visa via my login/account on the portal, now I must apply for my two sons aged 13 and 9 years old.  Does anyone know what to put in for the sections on Employment and the documents one is asked to provided?


It is hard to know what to do because the options in the drop down menus apply only to adults or obviously the kids do not have bank or income details to provide!!! It is very confusing, and impossible to get guidance via email from the Thai Embassy in London.

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21 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

You can apply for your children's visas using your registration.

For financial proof you would show the equivalent of 40k baht for a family entering the country.

Have you looked user manual for help? https://thaievisa.go.th/static/English-Manual.pdf

Well,  the pdf mentioned contains 43 pages. Do ineed to state more?


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