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After Covid - seeing lots of new people

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Today was the first time when I walked in my building without mask - since the beginning of Covid.

One woman behind the counter told me: This is the first time I see your face.

She works there since maybe a year but obviously until now she only saw me with mask.


That reminds me of two "new" cute waitresses in my regular restaurants. I never saw them without mask. Until now I think they look very nice. Let's look how they look without mask. Meeting new people and all that.

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51 minutes ago, CharlieH said:

Hope you get a pleasant surprise and not wish they kept them on ....5555🤣   although unlikely.😀

I hope for the best. (just a sample, I wouldn't publish pictures of my favorite girls)



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At the beginning of the pandemic in a bar behind the triangle bar in Pattaya, we've been served by stunningly gorgeous waitress.

My friend even took pictures of her. She took a break, she took her mask off so she could have something to eat and drink.....OMG!

We left and went to another bar 🤣

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