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Rotator cuff tear/fracture

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I would be grateful for info about recommendations for a very good shoulder specialist in Bangkok or if recommended another province. Recently had an accident and the MRI and the main conclusion from the radiologist is as below. 


Full thickness full width tear of the supraspinatus tendon insertion with minimal medial tendon retraction (grade I), measured about 0.6 cm. - Infraspinatus and subscapularis tendinosis. - Tendinosis of LHBT in rotator cuff interval. - Thickening and increased SI of IGHL, CHL, probably sprain. - Focal flattening with marrow edema at superior posterolateral aspect of humeral head, suspected small Hill-Sachs lesion. - Marrow edema of anteroinferior glenoid rim and glenoid labrum tear at 2-6 o’clock region, suspected soft tissue Bankart lesion. Finding as described, suspected previous anterior shoulder dislocation. Please correlate with past history. - Widening of AC joint with disrupted inferior AC ligament and partial tear of CC ligament with soft tissue edema, probably grade II according to Rockwood classification. - Small amount of fluid in subacromial-subdeltoid bursa.


I'm worried for the need to have a surgery. Not the surgery itself or the cost but due to relatively long recovery and the arm immobilized as far as I have understood is necessary with shoulder surgery so looking for an up and going specialist who not necessary see surgery as first choice. 

Thanks for any information. 







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