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An aviation-related question. What is the Thai equivalent of 'air bridge'?


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'Air bridge' being the walkway that is moveable to connect the aircraft exit to the terminal departure gate. 


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Taa tiab cruang-bhin




Or just 'sapan loi' ..... same as a footbridge.

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Many thanks guys. I know about saphan loi as my Bangkok condo has one outside which features in my instructions to Thai taxi drivers when up in town! I used it at Ubon airport a few days ago and the check-in girls understood my issue.

However, when I just now talked my wife thru' your responses she said that KhunBENQ's sà-paan tîiap krêuuang bin shows a level of sophistication that might get the girls switching to Thai, believing me to be fluent. I'll try it out next time (next week) and see what happens.🤣


Many thanks to all. 



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