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One killed, another injured in building collapse in Phitsanuloke


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A site worker was killed and another injured when a partially completed building, in the compound of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in the northern province of Phitsanuloke, collapsed in this morning (Friday).


The Phitsanuloke rescue radio centre said that emergency services rushed to the construction site in Samo Khae sub-district.


When the EMTs arrived at the scene they were told that one injured person had already been taken to Wang Thong district hospital, but another was still missing and was believed to be buried under the collapsed concrete slabs.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/one-killed-another-injured-in-building-collapse-in-phitsanuloke/



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Do  not think I have ever lived in a Thai building where there was not something wrong with it. Exactly why you should either build and oversee you own house being built - or not bother owning someplace (or the wife owning it)

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Look how much formwork was sitting up there, maybe there was not enough foundation supports or the foundations weren't sunk and stabilized deep enough. I assume it collapsed during a concrete slab pour to extend the first floor slab if there were already other slabs formed that may have crushed the other worker.


Anyway speculation aside, RIP.

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Contractors often buy in ready mix concrete from local companies who deliver to site and pump as directed. The cost of a truckload varies according to the 'mix' ratio of cement to sand to aggregate. Different mixes for different applications. Suppliers will provide a certification of individual loads based on a mix sample.

Bottom line. Building contractor buys the cheapest mix which, when cured, does not have adequate strength. Add to that inadequate rebar and safety limits are compromised. 

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