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More stories about quality tourists in this lovely family tourist destination


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On 12/27/2022 at 7:55 PM, newnative said:

     My partner and I used to live at Northshore--probably not a huge distance from wherever you are.  Soi 6 was a block down the street.  Did that bother us?  No.  Never went there.  Same for Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, or any other party areas.  Not our interest, we just avoided them, they never were a problem.   Had no problems walking the beach and the promenade--but, not out walking at 2am, either.   We were out mornings before it got hot and evenings around sunset.  Lots of regular people out and about then, too.  

    Instead of going to Walking Street, we went to Terminal 21, Big C Central Marina, Central Festival, seafood restaurants in Naklua and Wong Amat.  And, other restaurants we liked scattered all around the city--some in Jomtien, some in Pratamnak, some in Cosy Beach.  Frequent shoppers at Index, Home Pro, Chic Republic, Boonthavorn, etc.  Liked to hunt out interesting small shops.  Went about our normal lives.

     We are now living on the Darkside in a pool villa.   Pattaya is an easy ride into town on the Motorway--we are enjoying the much less congested traffic.  We didn't leave because of the nightlife; we just decided we wanted to try something new--living in a house rather than a condo, something we could not afford in the area of the US where we lived.   If you feel you are being overwhelmed by the nightlife where you are, you might try a change of scenery--either in your living place or where you choose to spend your time when you leave your condo.



You are correct.


However there is a bit of a credibility issue with this story...some variation of the same story has been told to countless mamas neighbors friends and colleagues all over the world by many good men, possibly with the difference that their story don't mention Soi 6, and if asked, they don't know about Soi 6


A week or two later many of them seen sitting in Soi 6 bar with a lady on their lap videoed by some s****d youtuber!

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On 12/27/2022 at 3:19 PM, PJ71 said:

yes, it's strange.


the reason most of us came here was for the nightlife, although many seem to have forgotten that as they've aged and now look down on that 'scene' for some strange reason.....

...maybe not so strange at the end, just simple envy?

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1 hour ago, Mickeymaus said:

LK Metro, Tree Town, Soi Buakhao and many other places here. In Soi Buakhao, for example, much of the normal infrastructure has recently been replaced by bars. Bank branches and many other normal businesses disappeared and were replaced by bars. In some areas of Soi Buakhao there is nothing but sex venues in the meantime. And if you walk around Central Pattaya in the evening, you will mostly see men looking for booze and sex. And of course you will see everywhere "entertainers".

One has to accept that. Obviously this development is wanted. I have lived in Central Pattaya for about 25 years. It's time for me to move. I don't want to live in the middle of a noisy brothel any longer. I don't go to bars and never had anything to do with "entertainers". For a while I have thought Pattaya will move away from sex businesses. But this was a mistake. 

      I think there is lots of non 'sex businesses' development going on but most of it is not in your area, which makes sense when you think about it.   Some of it is quite visible in the north Pattaya Beach area, and the rest scattered around in many places all over greater Pattaya.  In recent years we've seen Terminal 21 and a number of nice, new hotels come to town.   Centre Point Space is a new, major addition for Pattaya and very family-oriented.  Two large new water parks outside of town.  Legend Siam.  Dolphinarium.  Flowerland.  Tiger Park.  New attractions at Nong Nooch Gardens.  New golf courses and some new parks.   We sometimes forget the beautiful, family-oriented resorts like Centara tucked away on the beach in Wong Amat.

      Lots of new condo projects and nice housing estates going in all over.   New retail, both large and small, popping up everywhere.  Visited the new BYD car dealership a week or so ago.  Didn't even know it was there until we happened to drive by.  When did that go in, my partner and I asked.  Always something new.   Pattaya is growing--and thriving.

     More is on the way with Icon Siam being developed.  If it happens, the massive Aquatique, along with a number of new hotels, will be a huge addition to Pattaya Beach.  Lots of old and decrepit has recently been leveled--note sometime the huge, now cleared plot next to Marina--in preparation for something new to be built.  The new motorway extension is really going to have a big impact on the future development to the south of Pattaya, as we are already seeing.

      My partner and I have been here since 2010 and have witnessed a lot of this new development.  We used to live at Centric Sea and we would go up to the 45th floor, where you can look out in all 4 directions.  It was fun to point out so many large projects that were not there when we first arrived.  That's new!  That wasn't there!  That's new!  That used to be____.   Literally hundreds of new, big projects., in every direction we looked, that didn't exist in 2010.   I believe Pattaya is changing in a positive way--except for lots of traffic issues tied to all this growth.

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Pattaya (really, Jomtien) was on my short list to retire to. I knew that at least in my first Thai years, I'd want to be in a bit of an expat bubble. By def, that means some population density and some crassness. You can't diss a bubble for being bubble-istic.


I ended up in Nimman, Chiang Mai, which a blogger described as an an "unapologetic bubble". Fair enough.


I feel some empathy for people with undoable sex urges. Like, a fat guy who wants to be dominated by an instagram model while wearing a rubber outfit with a tight-fitting, latex hood is like Brad Pitt compared to that guy. These people are miserable and compulsive. They will never know a moment's peace.

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