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Blood Sugar monitor on smartphone ?


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Blood Glucose Smart Watch


anyone got one do they work ?  


read last year https://thaiembdc.org/2021/04/21/thailand-develops-smartwatch-that-measures-blood-sugar/  but seen nothing since, but see China has them... + on Lazada and shopee


If they work would save a lot in the long run with the price of the monitor strips....  + convenient and can see anytime one wished

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It's in full development world wide, there are multiple options including even a temporary tattoo or sticker that can measure this way. However it will still take time until we see this devices commercially, quite normal in the medical world, except with covid vaccins in a magic 6 months (oh no they developed since 2012 with that on HARPA).

Anyway, there are like 400 million people with diabetes so a matter of time. The issue seems to be they want the same accuracy as currently is gotten using blood samples. Give it a few more years and it starts to pop-up for sure:


Despite the many benefits, sweat sensing requires huge efforts to address the following key challenges and in establishing a reliable correlation to gold standard BG measurements.

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1 hour ago, Etaoin Shrdlu said:

I don't think anyone has made one that would work well enough to be certified as a medical device or be reliable enough to replace test strips in monitoring blood glucose levels for managing diabetes.


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Like today, feel odd/bad + bad eyes +  the shakes,  BP OK bit low, but BS very low......  = wasted 5 strips trying to find the blood


would be so much easier to look at a automatic monitor. [or with voice]...  did ask a Dr a couple of years ago = Dexcom G6 Sensor  was very expensive + expensive ongoing supplies.

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