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Scam site redirect when browsing site


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I can't be certain it's due to the website, as possibly my mobile is compromised. However only when browsing the ASEAN now forums (it's not been seen on other websites), I see the lower banner ad as blank for about 15 seconds, then an automatic redirect to this scam website (without clicking anything)




Which displays the following



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This is not an Google Ad. We only serve Google Ads.


You  have clean your device from malware or virus. Maybe we gave a virus expert here?

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22 hours ago, jacob29 said:

as possibly my mobile is compromised.

Likely or less critical a "browser hijack" (guess you use Chrome).

You could try to install another browser (Brave, Firefox etc.) and try there.

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(without guarantee)


Contrary to common belief, a computer’s operating system and data are not under direct danger from 2022325luckyday. This software, like many others in the browser hijacker family, has been designed to take over the user’s browser and turn it into a tool for online promotion.


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The linked site has an Android guide.

Essentially it might be enough to uninstall and reinstall the browser.

(saving bookmarks before)

Not sure though.

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Thanks all, will investigate further. I've only installed one app recently on android, which should be safe as it's paid.. so struggling to think how it installed if it did so recently, but obviously did somehow.

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