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Thai monk raped his own daughter, 14, after arriving to "Give her New Year blessings"


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Daily News Thai Caption: Defrocking of lustful monk!


Despite a family history of sexual abuse fourteen year old Naen was not concerned when her father Wirachai, 42, a monk at a temple in Samut Prakan, arrived at her rented room.


He said on December 28th that he wanted to give her New Year blessings.


She pulled up the chairs to make him feel at home.


Then he grabbed her and violently raped her.


"This is the way you have sex," he boasted. 


Prior to this shocking incident "Naen" had only had a relationship with a female partner, reported Daily News.



Picture: Daily News


The family of Naen, after becoming aware of what happened to her, went to the police and later decided to go public with the help of the social action group Sai Mai Tong Rort.


Its admin Ekkaphop described how Naen was attacked and what happened thereafter including threats made by Wirachai the monk to shame his daughter with video clips if she told what had happened.


Police at North Samrong station were prompted into action and went to a temple in the area where they arrested Wirachai, defrocked him, then took him in to face rape charges against a minor not yet 15.


There was fury outside the police station as he arrived with relatives hurling abuse.



Picture: Daily News


The relatives said that Wirachai had split up from Naen's mother ten years ago.


Later Wirachai had ordained as a monk. He had been a monk for five years but would pop out to see his daughter.


They described him as a playboy who had never given up sex while in the monkhood. 


They hinted at long term abuse by the father in the family that is now set to be aired in public. 


Naen's mother has reportedly gone to work abroad.


She was taken to the Samrong Neua police station with her aunt. 


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4 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

playboy parts off and feed to ducks or Soi dogs.

It should apply to all monks.


A monk does not require a p***s

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3 hours ago, Liverpool Lou said:

"After the crime!"

He can't be arrested before he's committed the crime!


"...dubious history or psychosis, petty crime or serious crime ... drinking, drugging and so on".

No mention of any of those problems anywhere, you can't just make up your own idea of what he could have done!

Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story!

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Not to detract from the horrendous abuse the child was

subjected to, which is to be condemned in the strongest

possible terms, but who writes this stuff?


It is NOT a "depraved story", it is a story about a depraved

monk. There is a world of difference!

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5 hours ago, ezzra said:

This is So wrong on so many horrible levels one does not know where to begin to condemn such act...

Time the temples upper echelons started to drain the swamps which are what most temples have become.

Hang-outs for Thailands criminals.

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4 hours ago, CharlieH said:

In her own rented room at 14 ?


This is wrong on many levels.

Sad to see yet another monk in the news for all the wrong reasons.

And a daughter left to almost fend for herself.

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