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Mirtazapine 30 mg & Temazapam 30 mg Availability In Thailand?


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Hi - I'm wondering if mirtazapine 30 mg (remeron 30 mg is the brand name) and temazepam 30 mg (restoril 30 mg is the brand name) are available over the counter in Thailand?  If not, are these medications available via prescription in Thailand?  Also, would these medications mostly be available in hospital pharmacies?



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Mirtazapine is available without prescription, brand names are:

Merasal (locally made)

Zamir (locally made)

Remeron (imported)


Temazepam is a tightly controlled drug, as are all benzodiazipines. Can only be gotten from a hospital or clinic, and is nto widely used here. Doctors tend to be reluctant to prescribe it for outpatient use. The brand available here is Euhypnos 20



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