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Earth’s ozone layer on course to be healed within decades, UN report finds


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The hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, once the most feared environmental peril facing humanity, is set to be completely healed over most of the world within two decades following decisive action by governments to phase out ozone-depleting substances, a new UN assessment has found.


The loss of the ozone layer, which risked exposing people to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, is on track to be completely recovered by 2040 across the world, aside from the polar regions, according to the report. The poles will take a little longer – the ozone layer will fully bounce back by 2045 over the Arctic and by 2066 over the Antarctic.




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Excellent news.


A clear example of environmentalism at work and of the need for international cooperation, and regulation to protect the environment.


Well done science, engineering and environmental activism.

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Good to see we as a species can make a difference it’s good to see a spot of good news in these sad and troubled times

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That's one bit of "science" I can believe and it's significant that governments did the right thing on it. The fact that there hasn't been controversy about it says to me that it was "good science".

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