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Thai Children's Day: RTP expect big crowds after two year Covid hiatus - parents advised about "sharenting"


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Daily News Thai Caption: Five (safety) tips for Children's Day trips 


Today January 14th is Thai Children's Day.


Bumper crowds are expected after the popular event, which sees state organisations fling open their doors to parents and their kids, was cancelled for the last two years in the pandemic.


Deputy Royal Thai Police spokeswoman Pol Lt-Col said they were concerned about parents losing their children in the big crowds and had five recommendations for the public including advice on "sharenting".


1. Before leaving the house make sure your child has a copy of your name and phone number on their bag or about their person - put a spare number or two in just in case.


2. Take a picture of your kids just before leaving home. This will show their clothing allowing them to be more quickly found if they get lost.


3. For really small kids, parents should hold their hands at all times or keep them close in things like buggies.


4. Parents should tell their children of a meeting spot if they become separated and make them aware of their surroundings. They should be told who to approach in the event they get lost. 


Among others Naphawan suggested asking a policeman. 


5. If you lose your child report it immediately. If the child is not found in the area file a police report with the local station within 24 hours. 


Naphawan noted that these days parents like to post pictures of their children on social media but that could turn out to be detrimental to their future.


She spoke of "sharenting" - share + parenting. 


This is the practice of many parents who share overly sensitive information and location details when they are with their children.


Naphawan warned parents about this saying that it was possible for information about children to fall into criminal hands and images to ultimately get on the Dark Web and be viewed by pedophiles. 


She said that parents had no ill-intentions in  wanting to show others their pride in their children, but should think twice about leaving too much of an ID trail online.


Identity theft was a possibility, reported Daily News.


On a lighter note, Naphawan said that Children's Day this year had a nice catchy slogan from the PM Prayuth Chan-ocha.


"Be responsible, disciplined and aim for goodness".


RTP chiel Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittipraphat is also concerned that criminals will prey on people on Children's Day and he has ordered all his stations on alert.


Call 191 or 1599 in emergencies. 



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