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Compounding Pharmacy — Latest Developments

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I see that this topic has already been discussed with some good replies by Sheryl.  My home country physician prescribes for me a 2% diltiazem gel/cream for an intermittent rectal problem.  In my country, the pharmacy basically takes the diltiazem USP powder and mixes it in a gel base or in white petroleum.  They then put it in a little jar.  It is not a complicated thing.  I would like to get this medication in Bangkok.  Is this type of thing what is meant by “compounding pharmacy” here?  Is it unavailable in Bangkok?

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No public compounding pharmacies here to my knowledge, but possibly (not sure) a hospital pharmacy could do this for you on doctor's order.


Your best option is probably to have a friend back home get it from you from your home country physician and mail it to you by regular post (do not use a courier).


Or you might be able to get in mail order from India as there are Indian made preparations.  E.g. https://www.heethealthcare.co.in/crema-gel-diltiazem-topical-2-w-w-4131579.html


(note I have no experience with that supplier.)


If getting from India, also do not let them use a courier. If you do a google search for "online pharmacy India site:Aseannow.com" you may find some recommendations for online pharmacies in India which ship to Thailand.


Quantities must be kept small to avoid customs issues., It is technically illegal to import pharmaceuticals through the mail but in practice small parcels usually get through if sent by regular mail and some suppliers are experienced in doing this.



Otherwise consult a colo-rectal specialist at one of the larger internatioanl hospitals and see what they can do.



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