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Issue with Fuel Indicator on Toyota Fortuner .... Dealer cant seem to fix

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Was wondering if anyone could advise on the below problem:


2 years ago, the fuel pump died on my Fortuner (2012 Diesel Model) and was replaced by Toyota Dealer.  


But after that, I ran out of fuel because Fuel Indicator needle on dashboard  dropped to about 1/8th full and stopped (note yellow low fuel light also failed to come on beside it),  car ran out of fuel and had to tow to dealer.


Dealer said fixed (they took out entire tank to check) but no luck,  went back and said fixed and still no luck.  They don't know how to fix it it seems.

(Note I went to another shop and they told me that Toyota can use program to fix, when went back to Toyota they said they had done this reprogram each time.)


Meanwhile I'm using odometer to judge when to fill up.


Hoping someone here can provide guidance or ideas on how to fix this small but annoying issue.









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Maybe try  a different dealer  ?

There was another thread not too long ago where a dealer messed up a car and would not fix it. Person had to go direct to Toyota ? to get the issue addressed as i recall.

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This fault is common on Hilux of this vintage in the UK.  Normally it is a fault of the instrument cluster. Toyota will try to sell you a new cluster, but a cheaper solution is to resolder the little multilayer ceramic capacitors that sit on the circuit board behiNd the gauge.

Here is how to check the fuel gauge.

On top of the pump/sender at the tank there is a 5-pin multiplug. Disconnect it and note the tiny numbering 1-5.  Turn on the ignition and gauge should read Empty.  If not then there is a gauge or wiring fault. Now short together pins 2 and 3. The gauge should read Full.

As I said it is normally the gauge rather than the sender.

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Thanks so much for Advice and as you stated , I ended up (at Toyota) having to get instrument cluster replaced.    Ah Well ,  Only really annoying thing is that now my odometer back to zero and I will have to remember to add 222k  🙂


At least your advice is now on internet for next person ,  It was really appreciated,






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