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METV eVisa Accommodation Requirement

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My question is on the proof of accommodation requirement when applying for a METV.


As I currently have a 1 year rental contract on a condo in Thailand, is it going to be sufficient to use a copy of this?
I realise it's not the same as a hotel or guest house booking which tourists usually have... so I'm wondering if this is likely to be an issue or if the rental contract should be acceptable for meeting this requirement?


If the the rental contract is not likely to work and I need a hotel booking instead, how long does the booking need to be for?... I'm hoping not the full 60 days of the entry as it will be a pain to make refundable reservations on hotels for that length of time. (For example, it appears the main hotel booking websites don't allow single bookings longer than 28 days at a time, which means I would need to make multiple bookings and then join them together.)

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Last year I applied via the Evisa system in London for a Special Tourist Visa. Realise this is not exactly the same but I had to show proof of accommodation. Attached the relevant page of my lease agreement and it was accepted.

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Failing your contract, 3 days of advance reservations on booking.com worked for me for METV....unless that has been tightened since last year.

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As far as i know a METV is half year valid. You want to go in extensions with it?

There are 2 border runs to make with it. Just did my first in January.

Next will be in March.

No clue if they check on a TM30, otherwise you should have a TM30 from your renter. In my case my wife (not legally) provided the TM30.

Also she provided the adres, as owner, which i put on the METV application.

And that was accepted.

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