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How to fix a hole in a brick wall after moving a light?


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I have house made of this type of bricks.



On the outside wall I had a light that I had to move a few meters away. I used angle grinder to make a path for the wire. Which left hole in the wall looking like this.




Now I don't know how to fix this hole. 😐


1. I assume I would use standard cement + sand. In a 1 : 3 ratio?

2. I saw local guys after fixing a hole waiting for about 1 - 3 hours. And than coming back with a sponge and block of polystyrene. And smoothing it out. I don't remember if they used both things at the same time. Or if it is interchangeable and you can use sponge or polystyrene. And what are all necessary steps.


Can somebody with more knowledge comment on this.




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Nice neat job. 🙂

i'm doing sort of the same but in those QCon blocks.

Moving washing machines to the outside toilet/shower area requires some electrical mods.

I use Skim Coat to fix up the holes. 

Not saying that I am correct, but I've used it before and seems to work OK.

There are instructions in English on the bag.





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8 hours ago, AndyAndyAndy said:

1. I assume I would use standard cement + sand. In a 1 : 3 ratio?

IMO not a good idea.

Either what the other guys said, or what I did which was using wall filler, Assuming the wall is painted, or white ( hard to tell from the photo ). Comes ready to use and needs no mixing.


Personally, I'm not a fan of burying electric wires, and I put them through ducting screwed to the wall. Up to you.

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6 minutes ago, AndyAndyAndy said:

Yesterday was dark outside and I couldn't take a photo. Here's the actual thing:



If you wanted to leave the wires exposed in case of adding or subtracting more in future, you could put something decorative  ( like a window flower box ) over them, so can't be seen, OR one of those small roof covers to stop rain coming in the door ( I forget the proper name for them ).

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