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Transfer tax

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I'm interested to know what the transfer taxes if a member of a family transfers property to another member.

They could be a similar ages or it could be a grandmother passing on her title before she dies.

How about if a man transfers a condo to his wife, and what difference does it make if they are officially married or not.

In the latter case is there such a thing as a common law marriage?



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Just now, cheeryble said:

Okay suppose your grandmother shares the land she lives on with her three offspring.

Does a transfer have to be paid? Case two:

In fact this is two cases. A husband transfers a condo to his wife, what's to be paid firstly in the case that they are officially married secondly in the case it's a common law relationship.

These are not just hypothetical.

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How about this situation? Brother owes a bank money on land but can't pay the debt. His sister offers to pay off the debt but only if he transfers the land to her. The land has been owned by the brother for many years. Over time, the brother hopes to pay back the sister so that he can own the land again, but that might not happen which is why the sister requests that the land be transferred to her in the meantime. What will the transfer fees and taxes be in this situation?

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