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Confirmation letter for buying a condo

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I'm going to buy a condo in Bangkok

However the seller's agent told me that I need to buy FET

I checked my bank, Bangkok Bank, and they said their confirmation letter is enough for land office.

After I having the confirmation letter from Bangkok Bank, that agent told me it is useless because the bank should check the first column, not the second one....

I called the Bank and he said they already confirmed my money because I didn't have Baht until I need to wire money to my Thailand bank account. I decided to buy Baht when I want to wire money. And he also said the Thailand govt just wanna check if ur Baht is clean and clear. If u already have Baht for long and wire Baht back to Thailand, it would be difficult because they have reason to doubt ur Baht's origin.


That agent didn't buy it and insists me to buy FET and the cost is 1% of my total transaction amount....

I don't know why do I have to buy such document...


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