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Non B to Non O Issue / Advice

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On 3/10/2024 at 7:52 PM, Liquorice said:

Others claiming it can be done and in the past as I noticed perhaps, but since 2019/2020 Immigration have been insisting you need to have a Non Immigrant status from a Non O type visa.
There is no written procedure to change from a Non B to Non O at Immigration, the options being to leave and obtain a Non Imm O, or re-enter VE then apply for the change to Non O at Immigration.

Police orders though are ambiguous simply stating Non Imm visa, with no specific type mentioned, so it may have been at their discretion previously, but the goalposts appear to have moved again.


For the record, I changed my Extension of Stay (which originally many years before was a Non-B visa) from employment with a work permit to marriage in late 2021 at CW...Needed an employment termination letter & work permit cancellation document to sort the first part out, then just applied for the marriage extension straight after that before the end of my stay date...From memory the bank funds did have to be in the account for the 2 months prior, which wasn't a problem in my case.

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