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Crystal meth found floating in Thailand’s eastern seaboard waters

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The coastal waters of Thailand’s eastern seaboard were recently afloat with 20 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine. This shocking find adds to the growing tally of illegal narcotics discovered in the region, with approximately 400kg of crystal meth found floating in the same area during the past month.


The news broke today, April 2, when Thawatchai Kaewkhao, the mayor of Bang Chan Tambon Administration Organisation (TAO), revealed that a local fisherman had spotted an eerie black sack floating near Koh Chik village. This village is located in the tambon Bang Chan of Khlung district, Chanthaburi.


Responding swiftly to the report, Police Colonel Traisit Phokthamthanachai, the Chief of Khlung Police Station, marshalled a team of local officials and police to investigate the suspicious sack. Upon retrieval and inspection, the sack yielded 20 packages of crystal meth, all of which were meticulously sealed in transparent plastic bags. Each bag bore the imprint of a silver and goldfish logo and contained 1 kilogramme of the illicit substance.


Adding to the intrigue, a team from Burapha University who examined the bag suggested that it might have been adrift in the sea for over a month. Their estimation was based on the age of barnacles that had grown on the sack.


By Mitch Connor

Caption: Picture of crystal methamphetamine found floating in the sea off Laem Ngop district of Trat on March 16 courtesy of Bangkok Post


Source: The Thaiger 2024-04-02


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Wonder how much really floated to shore. I’ll bet it wasn’t all turned over with all the sticky fingers around when it was found. 

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44 minutes ago, jcmj said:

Wonder how much really floated to shore. I’ll bet it wasn’t all turned over with all the sticky fingers around when it was found. 


Yes, as a Chanthaburi local I've been following these findings as each one is reported on local Facebook pages, here's the actual photo of the one yesterday from Thairath  (not the photo from Bangkok Post 16 March as the Thaiger have used)




As far as I know, all but three 'finds' have been sacks of 20 one kilo packages, as this latest one is. Two have been loose packages and one (I think possibly dodgy) had 19 one kilo packages handed to police.


An earlier police report stated they believed approx 1000kg had been thrown overboard by smugglers in the Gulf 25 February 2024 which explains the small shells/barnacles attached- so far they've been found along the Trat (incl Koh Chang last week), Chanthaburi and Rayong coastlines.


Here's the 19, Rayong 17 March 2024




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