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Ford Everest Platinum Sold Out This Year... Chances of waiting to get in early 2025

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Hi All,


Looking for advice on whether to buy Titanium plus or wait for Platinum plus if becomes available next year ( Really, really like the extra gadgets, bigger engine etc..).  Anyone know if next year Everest will have either  V6 Platinum Option, or will have memory seats etc as standard in V4 Titanium etc or even a Hybrid ? . Have scoured net but info is either youtube clickbait or just rubbish about current.  [A bit peeved at Ford ,  they make 375 Platimum limited edition ,  sells out in a day ... fair enough but how about creating an order list with hefty non returnable deposit and say 6 month lead time ?) or at least posting on your website that Platinum is not available anymore.]


Advice would be appreciated


(Note I've had a Fortuner for 11 years but time for change )




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Posted (edited)
On 5/18/2024 at 12:37 AM, Dublin01 said:

Booking now open,  est delivery sept 🙂


Apparently the V6-fitted Everest models are extremely popular in Australia where Ford is still having trouble delivering enough of them just to keep up with the demand.

I'd assume they'll also release the V6 version of Everest in Thailand sometime soon since they have already introduced the V6 Ranger over here.

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I paid 210k deposit using website and was confirmed delivery in September.  Note to all that last year (reason for my post above ) only 375 were allocated for Thailand .


So if you want one,  I would advise booking through fordthailand (line) or th website



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