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Alternatives compatible to Prompt Pay?

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I tried to get my BB Prompt Pay to migrate to a new mobile. As it did not worked out on my first attempt on the ATM with the old phone, I thought let them do it in my local BB branch. Unfortunately, the competent staff that was very helpful in opening the account years back, seemed to be promoted away to higher positions, and it nowadays feels literally like you deal with kids in the Kindergarten.
It's probably a issue that can be sorted, if you get the chance to find different staff.

However, I was wondering what alternatives are around that working with PromptPay, what literally everyone uses here. 
I'm feeling that's the time has come not to relying on a single financial provider.
My closest thinking was.something like True wallet, didn't look into yet.
Line pay, you need a Thai ID, might find a turnaround there.
I think in 7/11 they accept AliPay, another thing I didn't look into so far.
Can anyone enlighten me?

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Truemoneywallet wallet, accepted in 7 Eleven, Lotus, others? but nowhere near as widely accepted as Promptpay.


Also try google wallet, I've seen the contactless symbol in supermarkets but I haven't used it

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20 hours ago, jethro69 said:

Line pay, you need a Thai ID, might find a turnaround there.


You don't need a Thai ID for LINE Pay, but it isn't compatible with PromptPay. You can only use it to pay where LINE Pay is accepted.


I think the same is true for TrueMoney. They are similar systems, but separate from PromptPay. 

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