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Training Center for Anti-Trafficking Opened in Bangkok


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The Thai government and Australia have teamed up to fight human trafficking, opening a new training center in Bangkok. The Counter Trafficking in Persons Center of Excellence (CTIP-COE) was officially inaugurated on May 17 by Thailand's Minister of Justice, Pol Colonel Tawee Sodsong, and Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand, Angela Macdonald.


This new center is part of a 10-year ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking program, funded by Australia. This program is a continuation of a 20-year-long partnership between Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), all working together to fight human trafficking.


At the opening event, Tawee discussed the complex nature of human trafficking as a global issue, declaring it requires dedicated collaboration from various groups. Ambassador Macdonald applauded the Thai government for its determined efforts to fight human trafficking, adding that the CTIP-COE is the first of its kind in the region.


The creation of the CTIP-COE follows a memorandum of understanding signed by Thailand and Australia in November 2022 to begin this working partnership. Its goal is to help ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking, which includes enforcing labor laws.


The center's grand opening marked the completion of a training course given at CTIP-COE. It provided 48 people from Thailand with unique skills to help prevent and stop human trafficking. Both countries have assured their continued teamwork in addressing this pressing matter.


File photo for reference only. Courtesy of Google



-- 2024-05-20


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53 minutes ago, snoop1130 said:

funded by Australia

I am sure some Thai people are happy to spend the money of the Australian people.


Apart from that, and IMHO, the term "trafficking" is overrated.

We often hear in the news from Thais who were trafficked to here and there and all those bad people who trafficked them.

And in private I hear from friends and family of my gf about all those great opportunities to go to these other countries and make a lot of money - mostly illegal.

Somehow all this doesn't add up.


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19 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

This new center is part of a 10-year ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking program, funded by Australia.

So if Australia weren't paying Thailand would do Naff all. 

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