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Blue book : Change of "Owner" /Host/Resident

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Hi All,


So many moons ago ie 20 years I bought a shophouse with the land it sat on etc through an off the shelf Thai Company.

Still have all of the above. Trouble is the Ex is on the Blue book Tabiaan Bann with the status of Host as opposed to Resident.

A lot of Thai's call this "Owner", but it really has ZERO ownership rights.


I wanna remove the Ex from the Tabiaan Baan and/or get a new book etc.

Trouble is the Ex is being a pain to send me the book, I have the old book which is now of no use.


I've been to the Amphur, they wanna see the new book.

Can my company via Letter/ Minutes of meeting etc replace/remove the Host?


Thanks in advance, My Accountants are unsure, Yeh I will check with/Instruct Solicitors, in a week if no sign of the New book from the Ex


Many Thanks for all useful comments.







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3 hours ago, BangkokBoyJohnny said:

Can my company via Letter/ Minutes of meeting etc replace/remove the Host?

Your company owns the house? If so then of course.

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Who owns the other half of the company ?

The majority Thai share holder would probably need to be involved to reissue/update a blue book and change housemaster (its not host).




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All sorted, my Thai teenage children are the Shareholders in the Company,  my daughter Age 13 came with me. 

The updated Blue book has no House Master listed...

(But the Amphur did want a copy of the House purchase document which I had to get printed off down the road, was in and out in an hour)

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On 6/21/2024 at 7:06 AM, Peterw42 said:

Also, you may want to think about who will be the new housemaster, as it cant be you


it can be blank, 


usually there must be destination to move the person to move to, easiest is that they move themselves to the new place and the amphur only need to update the original book to state that the moved out, house no longer has house master


but it can also be done from your side, stating that the actual owner kicked them out, providing the destination housebook to have them moved to, or in extreme case move them to central registry eg. declaring them essentially homeless which will be great inconvenience for the person as they won't be able to get lots of things done until they're moved in to somewhere proper

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