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Thai Customs - Are They Corrupt?


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This has got to be the funniest posting I have ever seen on TV.

Are customs corrupt? This has to be a troll. I am incredulous.

They rank right at the top of the world amongst all governments, all agencies as one of the most corrupt institutions operating today. I believe they beat out the Sicilian mafia in 1991 and Colombian Drug lords late in 2005. They are amazingly corrupt, in fact, I am pretty sure that they are the hub of corruption world wide.

Pay your money quickly, you might be able to negotiate a little with them but now that they have your passport I think you are pretty much finished. In the long run, you might seriously consider just letting them keep anything you foolishly decided to send through rather than face that organized crime syndicate for a Chinese banjo. I make it a point to always negotiate the bribes before the shipment leaves foreign shores.

Corrupt? Really this should be moved to the joke forum.

I thought that the land office was the World-wide hub of corruption.

(Had to deal with the basturds recently...)

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