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House For 'luk Krung'

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Hello people,

I have been a frequent visitor of this website and it brought me so much insight on Thai legislation and everything related to VISA,work permit,etc.

I am half Thai/Dutch and graduated from a business school last year.I did two management traineeships with multinational companies in Bangkok so I have a bit of experience with working in Thailand. And of course, being half Thai works as well. Now I secured myself a job with a MNC in Bangkok so I will be heading to Krung Thep soon.

I am planning to buy a house in a 'resort community' in the Rangsit area. I have a salary that allows me a house loan for this property but I know that farangs can't own a house. This is a big issue for me since I waited all my live to get a chance to live and work in Thailand and you know, have a car, house..the regular life..

Does Thai law stop me now? My Thai mother or any of my other relatives could loan and buy the house (on their name) and I could act as a guarantor (right?). But the problem is that my relatives don't have the same salary that would allow them to have a x. mln. Baht loan. Is it possible that the bank will have a look at the salary of the guarantor regarding the loan?

Any ideas or suggestions how a luk krung could do this? Can I apply easily for a Thai passport because I am half Thai? If yes, would that give me any disadvantages (salary-wise) in the future since I have a Dutch nationality at the moment and there are certain salary rules for foreigners working in BKK?

So many questions, all information would be so much appreciated.

Thank you all and keep up the good work.



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Do you have a Thai I/D card? Did your Thai mother arrange this for you? If so, you should be able to buy the house in your own name. If not, not to worry too much, you should still be able to buy the house, you just need to arrange obtaining your Thai paperwork. Although this may seem daunting, I understand the process itself is not so complex.

Good luck (and please feel free to pm me if you have any questions)

SM :o

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